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Privacy Policy

This Privacy At Virventures, we always think about the delight of our customers. This is the reason why we put in all our efforts for delivering excellent services and showcasing products with the lowest price. The information you share with us (personal or non-personal) helps us to render services and provide products of your interests. This helps us to offer an incredible shopping experience.

We believe in keeping promises and respect the faith customers have placed in us. We also take care of the privacy of information shared with through any medium / mode. This is a part of customer service to ensure that a strong relationship of trust is built between our customers and our team. Our way of developing such a bond is to let you know the way we capture, share and protect information.

This privacy policy covers everything related to personal information. It’s centered around data that aids us to identify you or can be linked to any piece of other information.

For instance, when you order online, information such as residential address, contact number, debit card / credit card information, and full name is recorded.

Our pledge of Accountability

We our service providers that manage data in a proper way rather than using it for different purposes. Our seasoned associates help you to comply with the terms of the policy.

Type of Information collected from our end

We mainly collect two types of information

  1. Data that’s received from your end.
  2. Information fetched from others.

Information gathered from the user’s end includes data shared online. It could be when you are creating an account. Cookies which get stored in the computer also provides us with data. Information from several known / anonymous sources helps us to make it for personalized services and fraud detection. Our aim to collect only that type of information which extends business support.

We collect data to offer services and products and thereby aid to hone in on an experience like never before. There are various ways to gather information. It could be through interaction on calls, or while purchasing from the online store.

How the information is collected

Information is shared through various ways While you are making an online / in-store purchase or any other online transaction. Creating an account of your own. Becoming a part of our promotional activities. Contacting us for answering questions and clearing doubts.
Any one of the activities mentioned above, makes it mandatory to share information such as phone number, date of birth, name, postal address, and e-payment data.

Technology also drives to provide us personal information. This helps website management and support efforts put in during marketing and analysis. Here are some examples.

Device Information

When you’re browsing through the online portal, technical information related to computers is collected. This includes type of the electronic device, operating system, IP address, the route which directs you to the site, and any other data about the website’s session.

Browsing Information

Web beacons, cookies, and mobile devices identifiers are some of the technologies used to gather information. These permit us to provide relevant data as you use / return to the site. Web beacons gives us an idea about which pages were visited, email read or if you have gone through any ad banners. Such tools add on to the efforts for offering a personalised shopping experience.

Location Information

Location information may be tracked to keep a watch on which type of devices are used for browsing. This helps us to prevent fraud and phishing transactions made with some other intentions.

How is the personal information secured?

Since security of our customers is utmost important, reasonable security measures are used to protect personal data. Our team of associates help to protect information security.

Since passwords are only used to access an online account, we never share such detail with any other party. Passwords are kept confidential. Encryption technology, Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) secures personal information while navigating on the web. Such type of encryption is indicated by ‘https://’ or an image which displays a closed lock. These aren’t observed with mobile devices. For online payments, secured networks, technical access controls, security systems, and other practices are used to protect information.

A team of associates helps way beyond to protect security. Appropriate disposal of information is ensured by the personnel.

How is the personal information used?

Personal information is used to provide services and products. These include meeting the requirements and aiding us to personalize everything for a better shopping experience. Here are some of the examples that help you and our ventures grow ahead.

To become a part of Virventures and offer relevant services. To fulfill your needs pertaining to products. To deliver customer service round the clock and keep you updated with product information. To aid you personalize offerings and efforts related to advertising. To send you data about products, promotions and services. To reply back to comments or any other feedback about the rendered services as well as shipped products. To contribute towards website’s integrity, business and mobile services.

To achieve what’s stated above, we club personal information with non-personal information, that might be collected offline or online. This includes data from third party sources. Personal information is also shared with companies, as allowed by law.

Online protection of privacy of children

Our portal is developed with an intention to target general audience and not children. With this born in mind, our team collects personal information from kids below 13 years only with the consent of parents or as allowed by law. In fact, the importance of children’s privacy is recognized.

In case you have any doubts or you wish not to involve / engage ourselves in various types of activities, feel free to click ‘unsubscribe’ or write back to the team via an email.

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